Why You Should Go to Guyana For Your Next Vacation



Located of the Northern coast of South America, Guyana is one of the only Caribbean countries that are not an island. Its popularity hasn’t quite caught on yet for the typical American and European travelers who visit Caribbean islands each year, making Guyana a far less populated and less expensive departure from more traditional beach vacations. Guyana offers a multitude of cultural experiences, rainforest expeditions, and beach relaxation all in one trip, making it a great choice for the visitor who wants a balance of calm mixed with adventure. Most Caribbean destinations are covered in all-inclusive resorts that cater to American sensibilities in their activities and cuisine. In Guyana, you’ll be transported to another time and place, removed from the predictable into the unexpected; Guyana offers their own great lodgings, but it’s wrapped up in a more culturally traditional experience.




Once travel locations become popularized, a lot of natural beauty begins to get destroyed to make room for the hundred-room resorts and shopping centers. Travelers interested in ecotourism look to visit places undisturbed by man, where a respect for nature and preservation is observed. In Guyana, its natural beauty and nature are one of the few places untapped by unnatural disturbances, offering one of the largest unspoiled rainforests in South America. Shell Beach boasts one of the largest stretches of wetlands in the country, and Kaietur Park offers views of its famous Kaietur Falls, where the 741ft. waterfall spills over the steep sandstone cliff into the Essequibo River.




Guyanese cuisine may not sound familiar to many of us, but its exotic flavors are reminiscent of its cultural influences. Caribbean, African, Creole, and East Indian variations make up the traditional dishes. Curries, roti, rice, beans, and peas are at the core of most dishes along with a variety of meats. The pepper pot is one of the most cooked dishes in the region and is a must try for visitors; it’s an Amerindian dish consisting of various hot peppers, ginger root, a soy-type sauce called “cassava cassareep,” and a meat like beef, pork, or mutton. Barbecue chicken, garlic pork, fish stewed in coconut milk with tomatoes, and yams and plantains are some of the foodie offerings you’re bound to find.




Guyana travel offers adventures ranging from wildlife expeditions that include jungle canopies and zip lines to view their varieties of birds or jaguars, as well as adventures to paddle and hike Guyana’s Amazon rain forest, encountering a number of exotic species and obstacles.




Guyana has a complicated political past that resulted in conflicts and settlements from Spanish, Dutch, French, and British regions. The country has gone through a lot of changes in government and citizenship over several centuries and is now at peace. However, the people of Guyana carry with them a rich cultural past that can be observed through visiting the major city of Georgetown that houses government buildings, churches, and displays art, food, and flair of the region. Also, visitors can take day trips to visit more isolated colonies and get a feel how the locals live in modern day Guyana while receiving a history lesson on their past from your tour guide.



While Guyana is not the most widely known tourist destination in the Caribbean or South America, it is on a truly rare occasion that visitors get to see the off-the-beaten-path lifestyle of locals, engage in a true cultural experience, and partake in beach, adventure, and eco-tourism recreation. Book your flights to Guyana today and be the first to discover this rare gem of the Caribbean.

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