Why to Spend Your Next Vacation on Trinidad & Tobago Islands



The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is made of twin island countries off the Northern Coast of South America, making it one of the Eastern most Caribbean Islands. Due to its distance from the United States, it’s one of the less travelled by American tourists. Often, travelers equate distance to higher vacation costs, making places like Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Bermuda more easily accessible, and popular choices.


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What many may not realize though, is that it is the places that get less tourist foot traffic that offer better lodging, restaurant, and excursion prices along with an authentic island feel away from the usual tourist-trap hustle and bustle.


Look into these islands and experience a true Caribbean experience that offers tranquility mixed with thrills, whether you split your time equally between the two, or book your stay at one and take day trips to the other, both of these islands bring their unique sets of sites and experiences for you to explore.



The larger and more populated of the twin islands, Trinidad (or “trinity”) is known for its appreciation of culture, biodiversity, and exotic foods. The industrialized and working-class city lays backdrop to mangrove swamps and rainforest hills. Be sure to take in a drive to Trinidad’s famous Maraca Beach, where you can swim, relax, and sunbathe the day away. Along the way to Marcana, you will be seeped into the colonial history of the island, passing Parliament buildings, the Trinidad Lighthouse, and the Magnificent Seven, a row of beautifully traditional Trinidadian houses built at the turn of the century.



The smaller of the island twins offers a more traditional island getaway. White sand beaches and palm trees line the water and offer a pristine escape from the city. Like Trinidad, Tobago offers beautiful sites in addition to their beaches. Hikes into the rainforest are popular, mainly to see the natural beauty of the Rainbow Waterfall and Argyle Waterfall, as well as view the many species of birds and their flora and fauna. Tobago is such a desirable location, that Trinidadians often vacation there as well.


If you’re looking for a unique cultural experience along with the traditional relaxation and picturesque beauty of the Caribbean, choose Trinidad and Tobago. Great deals for flights to Trinidad and Tobago can be found year round at Travelspan, particularly during their off-season from March to May. However, the beauty of picking these islands is no matter when you visit you’ll feel like you’re in on the Caribbean’s well-kept secret.

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