Umana Yana – The Meeting Place of Guyana

Guyana is home to a plethora of interesting sites and attractions. But why book a trip based around only the touristy parts of the locale? Why not take a trip to visit someplace specific to the country, which you can only find there? Everyone goes to the beach or to a particular attraction. It’s time you set the bar for everyone else to follow. As you prepare for your trip to Guyana, there is one place I highly suggest you seek out before you do any of the traditional tourist attractions. While I have written several articles about things to do in Georgetown, I know this one will give you a tasteful look at a day’s adventure in Guyana.

As you’re booking your cheap flight to Guyana, why not consider visiting a landmark which can only be found in Guyana? Located on Main Street in Georgetown the Umana Yana is one sight you will not soon forget. This unique structure was built as a meeting place for people around the world. Specifically, during a conference held in 1972. The structure itself stands over 55 feet high. More interestingly, however, the cone shaped building was constructed by weaving leaves together. And without the use of a single nail. How many modern structures can boast that?

Whether you’re in Guyana for a business trip (the Umana Yana is often used as a conference location) or for pleasure, Georgetown is host to a variety of spots to peak your interest. As you explore the Umana Yana, keep in mind that it is situated next to Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel. The hotel is the perfect place to rest your head and explore the beauty of the city of Georgetown. Boasting a luxurious gym and spa, a beautiful outdoor pool, and countless other amenities, Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel will make you glad you decided to spend the day (and night) in Georgetown. All rooms are non-smoking with a variety of packages to meet your budgeting needs. The hotel also offers you ground transportation to take you anywhere you like in Georgetown, making your stay more convenient and enjoyable.

Business or pleasure, the Umana Yana is truly a one of a kind spot in Guyana that must be seen firsthand. While you’re in Georgetown, why not try some of the local cuisine and shopping? Head over to the Stabroek Market and then make your way back to Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel for a great night’s stay. If this sounds like something you know you’d enjoy, then head to to book your non-stop flight to Guyana and start planning your trip today! Be sure to check back for more information about upcoming events and things to do in Guyana.

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