Top Three Waterfalls to See in Guyana

When exploring the scenic beauty of a new place waterfalls are usually at the top of the “must see” list. So you can save time and enjoy your vacation, here are the top three must see falls in Guyana.


3. Orinduik Falls

After landing your cheap flights to Guyana, head over to the Orinduik Falls. The Orinduik Falls sit on the border of Guyana and Brazil, located on the Ireng River. While their beauty is without question there is one thing that makes them stand out from the other falls. The Orinduik Falls reside over the semiprecious gemstone the Red Jasper. The gemstone is said to have healing properties and will give you courage and protection. The stone is often used in jewelry and ornaments around the home. If the allure of precious stones doesn’t capture your interest, then maybe the formation of the falls themselves will. In contrast with the other falls of Guyana, the Oriduik Falls are multi-tiered giving the impression of a staircase. Whether you choose to explore them for their beauty, or taking a dip to cool off after a long hike, the Oriduik Falls are one of the most interesting waterfalls Guyana has to offer.


2. King Edward VIII Falls

The King Edward VIII Falls are one of the tallest falls in Guyana. Measuring 840 ft tall (256 m) the falls are one of the largest straight drop waterfalls in Guyana. While the waterfall was first discovered by Paul Zahl in 1935, it was a geologist (by the name of Bracewell) who thought to name it after the King in 1936. The falls are a well-kept secret of Guyana. Adventurers and explorers are encouraged to seek out the falls and see their beauty first hand. It is not often that you see a single, straight plunging waterfall that stands over 800 feet high. Not to mention, in the middle of a beautiful rainforest.


1. Kaieteur Falls

The Kaieteur Falls are some of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, next to Victoria Falls and Niagra Falls, for their width and beauty. The Kaieteur Falls rest on the Potaro River. Unlike its wide rivals, the Kaieteur Falls remain seemingly untouched by man. While they are revered around the world, they have been left alone for their visitors to enjoy all of their natural beauty. In other words, they’re not a typical tourist trap. The people of Guyana want you to come and enjoy the beauty of their country.


While there are many waterfalls in Guyana to see and explore, these are the top three you have to see on your trip to Guyana. You won’t be disappointed. Book your non-stop flight to Guyana and start planning your trip with today. Be sure to look for the packages that include these unforgettable waterfalls.

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