Top 5 Wonders of Guyana

Top 5 Wonders of Guyana 

As a country that’s relatively unexplored by tourists, this South American country offers amazing scenery and diversified cultural experience, which is why it has a nickname “Land of many waters“ and „ Land of six cultures“. Its diverse landscape that varies from flat-lands to stunning mountains is home to any endemic animals and plants that will take your breath away. If you are planning a trip to Guyana, we strongly suggest to visit these five places for an unforgettable journey:

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1)      Kaieteur Falls

Maybe you’ve been to Niagara Falls and you were amazed by its height and amount of water, but get ready to see something that looks like a place from another planet. Kaieteur Falls are placed in Kaieteur National Park and they are more than 200 meters high with a water flow so strong it created its own micro-climate that shelters a range of unique flora and fauna. The national park is easily accessible by plane via Kaieteur International airport, located only 6 km from the falls and the best time of year to visit it is, surprisingly, during the dry season, which is from October until March.

2)      Iwokrama Forest

Today, there are only four untouched rain forests left on the planet and this is one of them! Iwokrama Forest is a place in central Guyana that covers almost 3800 square km in area and at its widest part it measures 85 km. In the center of the forest, there are Iwokrama mountains, the tallest part of the landscape in this area. Visiting this attraction in Guyana will surely provide you with an experience you will never forget and will remind you of the importance of preserving nature that surrounds us.

3)      Surama Village

In order to really understand and blend into the culture you are visiting, as a traveler you should take some time to interact with traditional culture of the country and the ideal place to do just that is Surama Village, located in Central Guyana, and populated by Makushi people. This community will provide you with valuable insight of traditional life in this country and show you how people can live as one with nature.

4)      Orinduik Falls

Another hidden treasure of Guyana, Orinduik Falls are a perfect for enjoying guided hiking through the rain forest and enjoying the spectacular wildlife all around you. Also, it provides you with a great place for a relaxing day in a natural jacuzzi beneath the falls, surrounded by tall trees. If you decide to visit this site, try combining it with Kaieteur Falls, since the two are fairly close and can be merged into one exciting adventure.

5)      Georgetown

Every country has many faces and if you really want to get to know the place, you’ll need to visit both natural and cultural centers. Thus, we’ve included the capital into this list as well. The city is Guyana’s largest urban center, filled with marvelous Dutch Colonial architecture that is a delight to your eyes. One of the most interesting places in the city is Stabroek Market, so make sure to pay a visit to this lively place and since Georgetown is most probably going to be the starting point of your journey, use the opportunity and explore it!

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