The Three Best Places to Eat in Guyana

The Three Best Places to Eat in Guyana

One of the most enjoyable activities you can participate in while you are visiting a different country is to sit down and eat a delicious meal from one of the local restaurants serving your favorite kind of food or a traditional food of the region. In Guyana, you can find Asian food, South American food, Middle Eastern food, Caribbean food, Italian food, and more. Keep reading to learn about the three best places to eat in Guyana.

Maharaja Palace

Maharaja Palace in Georgetown is a festive yet casual restaurant that serves several different kinds of food, including Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, and Asian Fusion, all with a Guyanese twist. The restaurant is located on the third floor of the building, which includes a bakery on the first floor. A popular favorite with locals and visitors is the butter chicken with garlic naan, especially served with hot Masala chai. For dessert, you can’t leave without trying the deep fried ice cream or the Italian rum cheesecake!

Brasil Churrascaria & Pizzaria

If you are hungry for lots of grilled meat, Brasil Churrascaria & Pizzaria in Georgetown is the place to go. The restaurant operates buffet style, so you can choose everything you want and pay by weight. You can get Brazilian sausage, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and more, along with salad, rice, beans, and other sides. The pizza is just as delicious as the grilled meat. Visitors can’t get enough of the caipirinha, a simple and sweet lime cocktail which is Brazil’s national drink. If you’re looking for someplace relaxed with a lot of variety to choose from, this is it. Just remember to bring cash, because this is the only method of payment available at the restaurant.


Jerries is a Caribbean restaurant in Georgetown where you can get the best jerk chicken around, a slice of delicious pizza, or some scrumptious cheese pinwheels. Jerries is also a great place to dance and enjoy one of their many beers, socialize with locals and tourists, and even sing karaoke. Jerries is open all night, so the party never has to stop.

If just reading about all these great restaurants is making you hungry, you’d better book flights to Guyana for you and your family right away!


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