The Most Charming Spot in Barbados


When making plans for your next vacation, look no further than Barbados. Here you will find everything from snorkeling, fun at the beach, wildlife and so much more.

Some of us get to vacation only once a year; you want that vacation to count, right? Well, rest assured that when you travel to Barbados there will be no shortage of fun or adventure. This is one vacation that most certainly will count! Known as the most British of all the Caribbean isles, Barbados has a certain charm that cannot be denied or resisted. Plus, who can resist tea and crumpets on the beach? Not this girl.

When you come, be sure to see this gem of a place; I just couldn’t resist it on my trip to Barbados!

Animal Flower Cave

You will enjoy the beautiful scenery from Animal Flower Cave just as much as you will enjoy the cave itself. The name of this lovely destination comes from the cave’s pools in which you can find tons of sea anemones that have made this cave their home.  If you are feeling brave, you may even want to take a swim in one of the deeper pools which are always just about the right temperature.

As you explore the caves, you will notice rainbow-colored walls from the oxidation of copper and iron over the years—If you look hard enough you might even see images of their wildlife that has just naturally formed on the walls of the cave like are.

The Pirates Tavern

Before you leave the Caves, make sure you stop in and visit the Pirates Tavern. Known for having the best lemonade around, this charismatic little spot on the map will quickly become a favorite of yours.

Making plans to visit this bewitching location is easy with the availability of cheap flights to Barbados. Make your next trip count and come to the islands!

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