The Fort-ified History of Tobago

When most people think of tropical vacations they think of sun, sand, and unique flavors. But, that’s not all there is to it. Wherever you travel, there is bound to be interesting historical events. For Tobago, some of their most significant historical events can be rediscovered through the remains of some of their military forts. While there are several around the island, Fort James and Fort King George are two of the most notable.

Fort James

Cheap flights to Tobago make taking off for a travel adventure quick and easy. One of the most iconic and scenic forts in Tobago is Fort James. The fort itself overlooks Great Courland bay on Plymouths coral headland, allowing for visitors to see for miles. And to have some of the most remarkable sunsets around. The fort was originally named Fort Jacob after the Duke of Courland. The name was changed after one of the times that it was taken over. Fort James is one of the oldest colonial forts on the island and still has its original fortifications which can be traced back to the 1650s. One of the most interesting things about the structures is that the British built the current coral block fort during the early 1800s allowing for a variety of architectural touches to be explored.

Fort King George

While Fort James is one of the oldest forts in Tobago, one of the last forts built on the island is Fort King George. After taking over the island from the British in 1781, the French built Fort King James (then, Fort Castries) to protect Port Louis (also known as Scarborough). Unfortunately, their reign on the island did not last for the Brits took back Tobago six years later and renamed it Fort King George, after George III. Although the fort offers yet another excellent vantage point, it is most notable for how intact the original structure is. This fact alone draws crowds from around the world. In addition to the fortitude of structure at Fort King George, the fort boasts a small museum which is home to some interesting island artifacts. While there is no entry free at any of Tobago’s forts, there is a small charge (less than $1 American.) This charge serves as a donation to help preserve and protect all of the forts and artifacts in Tobago.


So, if you’re a history buff like me, or you love amazing scenery, then the forts of Tobago are a must see for you. While the forts are built to last, you have to make the trip to see them in order to make the memories that last. Head over to today and book your non-stop flight to Tobago. You won’t regret it!

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