The Caribbean – Tropical Paradise

The Caribbean is a region surrounding Caribbean Sea and it is made out of around 30 countries and around 700 islands, many of which are quite popular vacation destinations. One of the most unique characteristic of this region is the culture, or to be more accurate, a melting pot of cultures from all around the world that have collided and mixed here. Many island have rich colonial heritage – Dutch, Spanish, English and French colonies were located in today independent countries in the Caribbean and when you combine this with indigenous cultures found on these territories, you get a unique experience that is very appealing to more than 20 million tourists who visit this region yearly.


One of the most visited island in the Caribbean is Aruba, an oversea territory ruled by the Netherlands.  Most of the hotels and resorts are concentrated on the west coast of the island and there is a good reason for this – spectacular sunsets. This is one of numerous attractions an island has to offer, one of them being an interesting cross-cultural experience that happens every Thursday night locals bring out stands with regional food and drinks. During the day, you can stay at one of those sandy beaches Caribbean islands are known for, or you can instead take a day trip to Arikok National Park and enjoy the nature. In the evening, head to one of the clubs or beach bars and dance your night away.


Even though it isn’t actually a Caribbean island, Bermuda is considered to be a part of this region due to its connection with tourism in rest of countries. Also, it aims for tourists with a bit deeper pockets because four of five most expensive destinations in Caribbean is found on this island. This place is a mixture of various culture and today you can find influences of English, Spanish, Native American and Caribbean traditions all mixed into one, making it a very interesting destination for those who seek for both a relaxing vacation and new experiences.

Trinidad and Tobago

These two very different islands form a country known as Trinidad and Tobago, the third richest nation per capita in the Americas, right after USA and Canada. As a significantly bigger island, Trinidad offers a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, bars and resorts, and it isn’t surprising that 98 percent of the population lives here. On the other side Tobago has empty beaches, calm lagoons and spectacular nature scenery ideal for a quiet day trip.


When it comes to flights to the Caribbean, the busiest airports in the region are placed in Puerto Rico (Luis Munoz Marin International Airport), Dominican Republic (Punta Cana International Airport) and in Cuba (Jose Marti International Airport). For more information please visit Travelspan. Aside from these, there are 30 more international airports in all countries that are connected with many big cities in North and South America, as well as with Europe and Asia. Also, there are many opportunities for flying between islands, so consider visiting several islands during your vacation.

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