Take a Walk on the “Wild” Side

While the scenic beauty is enough of a reason to visit Guyana, the wildlife in Guyana is an even better reason to book your flights to Guyana! You can go into the National Forests and hope to catch a glimpse of the wild life. Or, you can make a point to go to one of the places listed below where you are guaranteed to see them.

Shell Beach

Located on the north shore of Guyana, Shell Beach is home to a plethora of shells. Don’t get me wrong, I love sea shells, but I would do anything for this experience. The shells on the beach aren’t what you would expect. Instead of crustaceans, the beach is named after the thousands of egg shells left behind by the baby sea turtles. The beach was once known as the place where sea turtles were hunted for their meat and eggs. Now, there is an unspoken agreement that it is a protected zone for sea turtles. People have spent thousands of dollars in airfare to watch sea turtles lay their eggs. Why do that when you can get cheap flights to Guyana?

Guyana Zoo

Found in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, the Guyana Zoo is home to over 100 different species of animals. Some of the most notable creatures in the zoo are the manatees and Harpy Eagles. The zoo was originally known and visited for its botanical gardens, but its popularity has increased over the years. The zoo boasts over 30 different kinds of mammals, 40 kinds of birds, 20 species of fish, and 15 different kinds of reptiles. While the animals are kept safely in their habitats, make sure you do not put your hands inside the bars. We wouldn’t want to lose any fingers!

Animals, Animals Everywhere!

Some other, animal related information you might want to know is that there are over 800 different species of birds that call Guyana home. Stumble upon any one of the hiking ventures or trails to explore these avian wonders. Or, join along on bird watching tour of the island. Another interesting fact is that one of the greatest hiking spots in Guyana is called “Turtle Mountain.” While it’s not an animal itself, you can venture forth and explore the wildlife that call Turtle Mountain home. While Guyana is host to a variety of experiences, there is none other like seeing the wild animals in their natural habitat.


Animals are beautiful creatures and it’s no wonder that humans are fascinated by them. And thanks to places like Guyana we can come closer to them than we ever imagined. But, as always, please be respectful to the animals and their habitats. You wouldn’t want anyone being rude to you in your home, would you? Book your non-stop flight to Guyana and start your travel adventure today with TravelSpan.com. We look forward to having you!

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