St. George – The Capital City

How many places can you visit whose capital city is as immaculate as the rest of the place itself? Grenada’s capital city, St. George, is one of those places. Not only is it the central, most populated places in Grenada, but it is also one of the most beautiful. While many capital cities around the world are run down and littered, St. George is truly a sight to behold. Don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it. Why not see for yourself?

Located off of a beautiful harbor, on the side of an old volcanic crater, St. George is one of the busiest places in Grenada – and it’s easy to see why. The beautiful city is one of the largest tourist spots in all of Grenada. Some of the more popular places to visit in St. George are the Grand Anse beach and shopping centers as well as St. George’s fresh produce marketplace. If you’re into history, there’s always the Fort Frederick Fort complex or the Grenada National Museum, which is actually built into old French barracks and a former prison. The museum houses artifacts that are inherent to the history of Grenada, some of which include sugar harvesting and processing equipment as whale as materials central to the whaling industry. For the more scenic route, visitors can explore Mt. Qua Qua or St. Margaret’s Falls – both are a part of the Grand Etang national park.

What made St. George so popular is its plentiful growth of spices over the years. Providing the country with a renewable, and desirable, source of income St. George has become one of the most well-known places to find cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, ginger, mace, vanilla and most popular: nutmeg. It should come as no surprise, then, that Christopher Columbus first found the city back in 1498.

St. George is also known for the St. George University School of Medicine. While the school what only recently founded in 1977, it has quickly grown in prestige. Graduates are not only able to practice medicine in the Caribbean, but parts of the United States as well. Many of the graduates have gone all over the world to practice medicine. Most notably, the St. George University School of Medicine has placed more first-year residents than any other school of medicine in the world. While Grenada may be a tropical location, it is much more than a great vacation spot.


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