Santo Domingo – The Foundation of the Dominican

While Puerto Plata may be the capital of its namesake, Santo Domingo is the capital of the entire Dominican Republic. As I mentioned before, the capital cities are the underappreciated treasure troves of most travel destinations. Santo Domingo is home to almost three million people, making it the largest city on the island. While it made its mark on the world as one of the founding cities of the New World, Santo Domingo is known more today for its commercial production and preservation of historical sites and artifacts.

As Santo Domingo was the city that was the most inhabited by the early European settlers, it is only fitting that it is the capital of such an important piece of history. Santo Domingo was home to many of the first, influential effects of British rule for the New World. Because of its popularity as the founding city, it became home to the first cathedra (Catedral Santa Maria La Menor), monastery, university, etc. of the New World. It also became the home of a British Castle and fortress (the ruins of which can still be seen). Its historic importance as the foundation of the modern world made it publically recognized as the World Heritage Site.

The capital boasts a collection of museums which offer a glimpse into colonial life and into traditional Dominican lifestyles and histories. If you’re looking for something outdoors, there are also a variety of parks to visit and explore. As this is a more populated area, there are also recreational sports available at most any time. Especially baseball, as it is the favored sport of the Dominican Republic. While in the city, be sure to explore the government building. Like most government buildings, it is home to several pieces of art and some crystal sculptures which cannot be seen anywhere else.

Aside from the government building, Santo Domingo is home to a variety of noteworthy places to see and visit. One of which would be the original home of Cortes (the man who discovered the Aztec ruins) and several of the sons and relatives of Christopher Columbus. Take a trip back in time to the colonial era by exploring these historic homes and placing yourself back in history. Or, my favorite thing, feel free to wander about the city and examine the inclusion of modern and classic architecture.

These are but a few of the tantalizing opportunities Santo Domingo has to offer the would be traveler. Head over to and book your non-stop flight to Santo Domingo to start exploring the city that would become the foundation of the New World. And, as always, be sure to check back for more interesting facts and things to do in Santo Domingo.

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