Please Excuse this Int-“Eruption”

While the island of Grenada is home to forty-five beaches, what makes it stand out among the other islands are its volcanoes (both active and dormant). Keep in mind that there is no direct threat from these explosive attractions. They certainly do, however, give island goers something to talk about upon their return to the mainland.

Kick-‘em Jenny

Located off of the Lesser Antilles Ridge lies the active underwater volcano Kick-‘em Jenny. The volcano is about five miles north (8 km) of Grenada. The latest activity for this volcanic wonder occurred in December of 2001. Due to a collapse in the structure, Kick-‘em Jenny gave way to Kick-‘em Jack: another submarine cone. While there has not been any recent recorded activity from either volcano, it is reassuring to note that the most notable eruption occurred in 1939. There have been several recorded eruptions since, but it is because the eruption in 1939 appeared above the surface of the water that Kick-‘em Jenny received any attention.

Recently, Kick-‘em Jenny has received new attention thanks to explorer Robert Ballard who is known for his work on the discovery and exploration of the Titanic wreckage. Ballard and his team are now studying the Kick-‘em Jenny to see if the volcano can give any information about earthquakes and tsunami’s in order to better educate the public. Even though the volcano is not visible, or able to visit, there are certainly many attractions because of it on the island.

Underwater Activity

While you cannot visit the Kick-‘em Jenny, why not tell your friends about your trip to the Grand Etang Lake which over a dormant volcano? The lake itself covers 13 acres of space within the Grand Etang National Forest. It is believed that the Grand Etang and the Kick-‘em Jenny are connected through underwater caverns or waterways; when the Kick’em Jenny has been seen bubbling, so has the Grand Etang. However, the volcano is still classified as extinct.

During your visit, explore the rich forest on your own or with guide. Thanks to the previous volcanic activity the park is teeming with exotic, and vibrant, plant and animal life. Enjoy the view of Mount Qua Qua or the breathtaking waterfalls as you hike around the trails of the park. Pack a lunch and have a picnic while you listen to the music of one of the local bands as they perform for you in the park.



No matter what adventure you choose, you are bound to return to the mainland exploding with exciting stories about your time in Grenada. Be sure to check out rates and packages for Grenada at Stay tuned for more information about the events and attractions Grenada has to offer.

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