Ocho Rios – The Blue Diamond of Jamaica

While Jamaica is a luxurious place on its own, the magical Ocho Rios has more than enough attractions to keep visitors busy. Even more noteworthy is that there is enough to do that you literally cannot do it all in one trip. And that is just ONE town! What makes Ocho Rios so magical is all that you can do on its waters. While there are the traditional exciting opportunities, there are few that will surprise you.

White River “Rafting”

Don’t let this title fool you. These white river adventures aren’t the ones you hold on to for dear life. Float down the fresh waters on a tube and take in all of the scenic beauty of Jamaica. The waters are fed from the mountains and the majority of the ride is quite relaxing (there are a few small rapids at the onset.) This is truly an adventure in and of itself. While this is a group tour of 5-15, the trip is what you make of it. Jump off the rope swing or go swimming at the halfway point. Join a group and make new friends, or start your own if you’re traveling with a larger group. The best part of the ride, in my opinion, is the “behind the scenes” look you get as well. While the flora and the fauna are amazing, the bamboo groves and the coconut plantations are most likely things you’ve not seen before. They are the backbone of Jamaica and are equally beautiful in their own right.

The Blue Hole

When looking for things to do in Jamaica, I stumbled upon this beauty. The Blue Hole is fantastic swimming hole that is seemingly untouched by man. While it is not a commercialized tourist attraction, there are organizations that know about it and recommend it. The Blue Hole is a well-kept secret of Jamaica, tucked into the hills a pace. While it’s a bit of an adventure getting there, it is well worth the trip. The waters themselves are amazing, but there is even more beauty to behold. While the crystal blue water will take your breath away, the flowers and wildlife are sure to leave you in awe. You’ll wonder how this place has been left untouched for so long. …And you’ll want to keep it a secret for yourself.

Glistening Waters

The Glistening Waters of Ocho Rios – also known as the Luminous Lagoon – is a body of water that literally glows in the dark. While this occurs in only four places around the world, the Glistening Waters of Ocho Rios are the brightest of the four. What makes the waters glow is the phosphorous and microorganisms that are found in the water; the name for the phenomenon is bioluminescence. The lagoon happens to be where the ocean meets with the fresh waters of the Martha Brae River just off the northern coast of Jamaica. If you’re interested in a romantic night out, or all of the swimming leaves you with an empty stomach, there is also a full restaurant and bar at the lagoon as well.


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