Most Interesting Lodging in Guyana

When planning your trip, you want to now that you will be staying some place that is fun and comfortable. You also want to stay come place interesting. Well, I have found what are probably the MOST interesting lodgings in Guyana.


The Cara Lodge


For the ultimate in peaceful tranquility on your next trip to Guyana, make your stay at the Cara Lodge. Located in Georgetown, this is one of the oldest and most impressive structures in Guyana. King Edward VIII has even made this his place of choice in Guyana, along with Mick Jagger and many others who have the option to stay wherever they please.


This full-service hotel offers the ultimate in luxury. You will feel like royalty when you choose this quaint, yet magnificent lodging. You will experience a perfect mixture of old world style, a true taste of Guyana’s past and, of course, all the comforts you would expect from such an impressive hotel.


The Cara Lodge features its very own restaurant, the Bottle Restaurant. The menu offers dishes that have been said to be the best in all of Guyana. Come see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


The Aracari Hotel


The Aracari Hotel is the only destination resort in Guyana, and it will amaze you upon arrival. The hotel is spread out across Dutch plantation land, extending 150,000 square feet. With only 51 units, you won’t have to contend with a ton of other visitors, despite the expansive area in which the hotel is located.


You will find all the modern amenities you would hope for on vacation. These include a swimming pool, spa, fitness center, restaurants and bars. I’m sure you’ll want to venture out and see the sites, but you could honestly stay at the hotel and have an excellent vacation without ever leaving the plantation.


Breakfast is served each morning, and you have the option to stay short or long-term. There is even a weekly entertainment line-up. There isn’t much that they didn’t think of here. For the ultimate in  fun at your hotel, give the Aracari a try. You’ll be so glad you did, you won’t ever want to leave. With the many options you have to find cheap flights to Guyana, there is really no reason that you, too, can’t experience the lovely luxury and charming atmosphere of these places.

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