Mashramani in Guyana

It is no secret that Carnival is a large part of the Caribbean lifestyle. This holds true for the people of Guyana, where a celebration of the harvest is held each year showing gratitude for the yearly harvest, as well as providing lots of island fun for the locals and those there visiting.

Imagine this, steel drums, calypso music, fun, and you. This is one of the most well recognized events across the Caribbean and one of the most celebrated around the world. Each February the indigenous people of Guyana come together for a giant party in the streets to celebrate the year and to have a good time.

Colorful costumes, music, and, of course, a celebration of the arts is what you will find when you visit Guyana during one of these massive block party type events. It is literally impossible to not have a good time while enjoying Carnival, so join in!

Guyana calls its version of Carnival Mashramani, which translated means “A Celebration of the Harvest.”This is a time for food, friends and generally a good time to be had by all. Take this into consideration when planning your trip, as you may want to plan ahead before all of the flights and lodging are booked with people coming together to enjoy this massive celebration.

Held toward the end of February, there is plenty of time for you to reserve your place to stay, as well as your flight to Guyana for the 2015 Mashramani. Fun for all ages, you will enjoy the games, music, and definitely the food!

This is the perfect getaway, particularly for those of you who spend the majority of your time in a stuffy office space. Let go and feel free as you enjoy parties in the street, music and lots of dancing. What better way to enjoy a trip than to enjoy Carnival, or in this case Mashramani, with the indigenous people as you celebrate the fruits of the harvest and just enjoy being alive. With a little online searching you will find that flights to Guyana are quite affordable, leaving only one question: Do you have your trip booked yet?


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