Jamaica – Caribbean paradise

Jamaica is an island nation situated in the Caribbean Sea, in relative proximity to Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic.  Throughout history, it had been a part of Spanish territories in the 17th century and from 1655 it was ruled by England, until finally in 1962 it got its independence. What is interesting is that the name of the country originates from native word “Xaymaca”, meaning the “Land of Wood and Water” or the “Land of Springs”.

The first association one might have when thinking of Jamaica is reggae, ska or dub music gender, because even though it’s a small country, it had a great influence on global music culture. Aside from music, it is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches and laid back lifestyle.

What unique places to visit in Jamaica?

Glistening Waters in Falmouth

If you’re searching for magical place in Jamaica, head to the north coast of the island and visit this glowing lagoon, a marvel that is found in only four places in the world. This is a place where fresh water from Martha Brae River collides with salt-water ocean and forms an amazing creation that brilliantly illuminates surrounding rocks due to phosphorous found in the water. The best time to visit this place is of course at night, when the blue light is the brightest and you are even encouraged to swim and watch the water light up around you!


Mystic Mountain Rainforest

This place is one of the most popular sites in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and it is perfect for those who crave for adventure and a bit of adrenaline because it offers everything from zip lining to hiking and bird watching.

You can figure out from the name itself that this attraction is located on a mountain, so the best way to reach it is by chair lift that offers a stunning views of the nature and sea around it. Once you get to the top, there is a nice small museum, a gift shop and a restaurant where you can grab a bite before you go off to your trip.

Once you are done with adrenaline-filled attractions, you’ll have an opportunity to relax in an Infinity Edge Pool and Mystic Waterslide, a water resort ideal for cooling down after an active day outdoors.


Bob Marley Museum

Located in Kingston, this museum is a former home and studio of famous reggae singer and a one-hour tour will provide you with all interesting information you’ll need to learn more about this music legend.


How to get to Jamaica?

Most tourists come to Jamaica by plane, so it is useful to know that all flights to Jamaica with Travelspan go through three international airports – Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Ian Fleming International Airport in Boscobel, Saint Mary Parish, and the island’s largest and busiest airport, Sir Donald Sangster International Airport in the resort city of Montego Bay. These airports will most likely be the starting point of your vacation to Jamaica, so plan your daily trips and search for resorts according to your point of arrival.

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