Jack Sparrow’s Home Away from Home

When Jack Sparrow isn’t captain of the Black Pearl or marooned on an island… Okay. I know he’s not real, but he would seriously love this place. But, then again, we probably would never have the unforgettable line “Why’s the rum always gone?” if he knew about this gem. The Appleton Estate Rum Distillery in Jamaica boasts a variety of rum tasting and an array of culinary fun with rum. If you’re a fan of vineyard tours, a foodie, or a rum connoisseur then this article was made with you in mind! While I’m not a big drinker – or much of a fan of rum – I found this to be fascinating, so I know you will too.

Tour the Distillery

One of the things that makes Appleton Rum unique is that it is made right in Jamaica at the Appleton Estate. Located in the heart of the Nassau Valley, Appleton Estate has been hand crafting and perfecting its rum for over 260 years. Their signature rum is only made on the estate location from the sugarcane grown on the estate. (How cool is that?) While many places of similar respect keep their doors closed to the public, the Appleton Estate invites you in and offers you a tour of the distillery: with samples, of course.

Going on Tour

If you choose to take the tour, here is what you can expect. First, dependent upon you location you may qualify for transportation from your hotel to the estate. You will receive historical information about the Appleton Estate and demonstrations of the rum making process throughout the years. You will be able to tour the distillery itself and view a demonstration of the rum aging and blending process. Upon the conclusion of the tour, you will be invited for rum tasting in the Appleton Lounge where you will also receive a complementary bottle of rum. If that doesn’t sound like a good day’s work, I don’t know what does!

Fun with Rum

While the rum can be enjoyed on its own, it can also make for a great base to some Appleton signature cocktails or add flavor to some of their favorite dishes. Some of the favorites are the Jerk Pork with Mango Salsa where the pork is seasoned with the rum, and the Jammin’ cocktail (which is literally made from a combination of Appleton Rum with fruit jams!)


I know several people who design their vacations around trips to the vineyards. Why not plan a trip around a distillery? Or, if you’re planning a fun getaway to the islands, why not learn a little bit about one of the signature pieces of Jamaica? Head to TravelSpan.com and book your flight to Jamaica today!

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