Have the Vacation of a Lifetime in Trinidad and Tobago

Maracas Bay-Beach Scene

Take a lovely trip approximately 45 minutes from the heart of the capital of Trinidad and Tobago and you will discover a little beach that is perfect for just about any beach activity you can think of. Maracas Bay is a beautiful beach nestled alongside the amazing rainforest view that will have you looking to sell your home and relocate. From surfing the waves and swimming, to spending the day hiking in the lush rainforest, this beach has everything you could ever wish for.

If you enjoy unique food and fun, there is more than just beaches to keep you happy in the Caribbean. Another major plus to this beach community is a favorite local sandwich shop, Richards Bake and Shark, where you can get some truly authentic and delicious cuisine. If you have never tried deep fried shark, this is a definite must for the more adventuresome traveler!

Bird Watching-Nature at its Finest

Trinidad and Tobago is home to some of the worlds most interesting birds, making this the perfect place to spend the day bird watching. To some this is a die-hard hobby, to others it may sound a bit boring, until they try it. Surrounded by rainforest, you may be considering yourself a bird aficionado by the time your tip is over.

Birds are not the only flying creatures you can find here; Trinidad and Tobago is home to over is home to over 450 species of birds and over 650 types of butterflies that will leave you standing in awe at their sheer beauty.  This truly is the real Caribbean, as the locals say.

Make a stop at the Wild Fowl Trust for a glimpse at some of the immensely beautiful birds and other wildlife while on vacation. This will give you a newfound appreciation for nature or further the appreciation you have for our feathered friends already. Whatever your reason for visiting, you are sure to have a wonderful time and flights to Trinidad and Tobago can be found at reasonable prices, leaving no excuses for why you have not yet visited!

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