Guyana’s 5 Must See Sites





Visiting one of Guyana’s exotic town or cities opens visitors up to unique adventures and rich learning opportunities. Here are the five places that can’t be missed on your trip to Guyana:



The 740ft waterfall atop Kaieteur National Park’s mountaintops, this is known to be one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world and the world’s largest single drop waterfall. Considered the absolute most beautiful vantage point of Guyana, visitors can travel through the park into the heart of the rainforest, or view the site by taking overhead day trips through the air.



Off the Atlantic coast near Venezuela, those interested in marine life should make a point of visiting the beach most populated by South America’s sea turtles. While the area is not formally preserved and protected by the government, the non-profit Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society have been protecting the many turtle breeds dating all the way back to the 1960’s, making it undisturbed land and a beautiful beach and sea life visit.



Home to many ecotourism sites in Guyana, Nappi Village are home to the most environmentally friendly lodges and wildlife vantage points. Stay the night at the Maipaima EcoLodge and experience true harmony in the heart of the rainforest. Watch exotic reptiles, birds, and other animals of Mother Nature in their natural habitat.



The forest is located in Guina Shield, and represents an important geographical zone that incorporates the rainforest, landforms, and human cultures. The forest was once considered a place of refuge for locals, and with many local tribes still living there today in humble abodes, tours can take you through to eat local fare, learn Guyana’s folklore, and meet with their people.



Established in 1886, this museum houses all the history and culture that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Learn about the political history, or be educated on the thousands of wildlife and botanical lives that inhabit the country. This is a must-see tourist attraction and local historical site for visitors interested in the stories from long ago.


Visit Guyana for your next vacation and be immersed in a rich culture, interesting stories, great sites and adventurous opportunities around every turn. Book your flight now to this up and coming Caribbean location.

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