Green Grotto Caves, Jamaica

The best part of a vacation is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. While you definitely want to make sure that you spend some quality time at the beach, you don’t want to make that your only plan. Jamaica is home to a variety of experiences and attractions that you cannot get anywhere else. While there are several caves strewn throughout the United States and Canada, the Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica are unlike any you’ve seen before. Whether this is your first time in a cave, or your hundredth, this a once in a lifetime experience you won’t soon forget.

Located in the beautiful city of Ocho Rios, you’ll definitely want to find out more about the Green Grotto Caves before you book your cheap flight to Jamaica through The caves are so named because of the green hue throughout the limestone caverns. The cave is 12 meters (about 50 feet) deep and over 1500 meters long. Aside from the stalagmites and stalactites in the cavern (cone shaped formations which vary in size and number) the cave is also known for its underground lake.

The caves are a wealth of interesting sights, facts and history. Believe it or not, they were once used as a pirate hideout, a refuge for slaves, and much more. The initial tour lasts about 45 minutes. One thing to keep in mind is that the cave is about 10 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. So, depending on when you travel you may want to bring warmer clothes and/or plan to visit during the warmer part of the day. You may also want to bring comfortable shoes. There is also a nice area with benches where you can eat a snack or bring a lunch.

One of the most popular attributes of these caves are, in fact, the tour guides. I have explored several caves across America and some guides are either too scripted or act like they would rather be somewhere else. These guides genuinely love what they do. That fact shows through in their knowledge and expertise of the caves. Because there are so many different adventures to have (and rooms to explore) in the cave, there is a variety of lodging and accommodations available around the caves. If you’re planning on spending the day there, they also have a snack shop where you can get food and refreshments.

The Green Grotto Caves in Ocho Rios are a unique spot in Jamaica that will give you something to talk about when you arrive home. is ready to set you up with a one of a kind experience in Jamaica. Head over to to book your nonstop flight to Jamaica today. And be sure to check back for more interesting facts and things to do in Jamaica.

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