Fun Activities in Trinidad and Tobago

Fun Activities in Trinidad and Tobago for Kids and the Young at Heart

Vacations are great for getting away from the stress of your daily routine and relaxing, but they are also great for having fun. There are plenty of fun things to do in Trinidad and Tobago if you are traveling with kids or you are young at heart and want to do something playful.

Nylon Pool

Nylon Pool is a shallow lagoon about a mile offshore from Pigeon Point, Tobago with a soft bottom of coral to stand on. At Nylon Pool, kids and adults can swim and play in the water without worrying about getting swept out into deeper waters. You can get to Nylon Pool while enjoying one of the many boat tours offered by Trinidad and Tobago tourism.

Gasparee Caves Tour

Kids love exploring big, exciting caves, but they’re not the only ones. The beauty of awe-inspiring natural caves is fun for adults to enjoy as well. Take your kids or go with a companion to enjoy the Gasparee Caves tour at the Chaguaramas Recreational Park on the island of Gaspar Grande. Tour guides offer boat rides out to the caves, so visiting the caves is just another excuse to enjoy a boat ride! You will be amazed at the stalagmites and stalactites inside the limestone caves, and your kids will have a chance to learn about science.

Harry’s Water Park

Harry’s Water Park in Trinidad offers fun for the whole family. There are water slides for kids and adults, a playground and bounce houses for kids, paddle boats and kayaking, fishing, swimming pools, a nature trail, and a food court offering food and drinks. There is also a “Lazy Kingdom” where you can lie back and relax on a hammock or enjoy a calm boat ride after you’ve tired yourself out with all those fun activities! If you don’t want to leave this fun land, you can even stay in one of their guest rooms or log cabins and step right outside to enjoy all the fun again the next day.

Tons of fun awaits you when you book flights to Trinidad and Tobago for you and your loved ones. When you are having fun with your family, friends or special someone, you are creating memories for a lifetime.

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