Foodie Paradise: Best Places to Eat in Georgetown, Guyana

Guyana cuisine takes influences from all the different cultures that settled in the Caribbean country off the Northern South American Coast. Creole, African, Spanish, Indian, and Caribbean flavors are at the epicenter of the country’s gastronomical offerings. Georgetown is host to some of the areas best restaurants and must-visit eateries to taste the local flavors.



This upscale restaurants offers beautiful rich, Indian inspired décor while offering a modern menu that caters to meat and seafood lovers who are looking for a little bit of that Caribbean flair. If nothing else, pay them a visit for their top of the line decadent desserts and a smooth glass of wine.


A cozy gathering place for locals and visitors alike, take in breakfast or an afternoon lunch that celebrates Guyana’s local tastes. You’ll stumble upon homemade concoctions celebrated here like barbeque chicken, rice, beans, plantains, and “one pot” dishes, the nation’s specialty.



Sure, when one thinks of Guyana pizza might not be the first food that comes to mind, let alone paired with Brazilian meats. However, this restaurant is one of the top rated and most coveted outside eateries the city has to offer. Meats offered by the pound, an abundance of side dishes, and a friendly staff to boot. The breeze of the night air matched with the lit up trees and open air is a favorite romantic date spot or a casual get together among friends.



Located in the popular Pegasus hotel, the Brown Café offers high tea in the late afternoon, served with pastries, fruits, and other delicacies; here, their British influence shines as they casually and elegantly attend to guests with their sweet and savory offerings.



The go-to spot for an after dinner drink or a traditional Creole meal, the café is always open for the business of serving quality food, providing great service, and leaving you swaying to the sweet sounds of jazz in the night air.


Georgetown, Guyana is filled with great eating adventures, both in traditional formal restaurants and local sidewalk eateries. Book your flight to Guyana today, and partake in it’s foodie paradise.

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