Chocolate unlike Anything Else!

That’s right, folks. I brought out the big guns! Chocolate. A mouthwatering treat that has infatuated and tantalized millions for centuries. As if traveling to a beautiful, tropical island wasn’t enough, let’s add a little sinful pleasure along with it. The reason I’m teasing you about this mouthwatering chocolate isn’t just because it’s delicious. You literally can’t get it anywhere else! The Grenada Chocolate Factory grows the cocoa on the island, which is what they use to create the cocoa that the bars are made from.

What Makes Them Different

The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. started out producing high quality, organic, dark chocolate. Not only is their cacao local, it’s organic too. In fact, the cacao is grown without the use of fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides making it 100% pure. In addition to the cacao, the raw sugar that company uses to make its bars is also organic along with the vanilla bean, and the small amount of soy lecithin that is used as an emulsifier in the bar. The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. is so devoted to the quality of their chocolate that they guarantee their chocolate to be 100% pure. No dairy, fruit, or nuts anywhere in sight. Or hidden in the chocolate.

The Chocolate

Is your mouth watering yet? Not only does they Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. offer organic chocolate bars in varying darkness (60%, 71%, 82% and 100% cacao), they also offer bars of 60% cacao with nibs and 71% cacao with sea salt. In addition to the bars, they offer: cacao powder, confections, smilo cocoa powder, SweetyPodsTM (their organic chocolate pieces in the shape of cocoa pods), and truffles.

If you like the chocolate, or you can’t wait to try it, go ahead and order some! Just don’t be too disappointed. To keep the company competitive some of their products are only sold locally. (Truffles, confections, and smilo cocoa powder.)

About the Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd.

Established by Edmund Brown, Doug Browne, and Mott Green in 1999, The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. set out to be a chocolate factory unlike any other. All of the founders were Grenadan locals. So, they held the rest of the company to the same standards. That’s right. All of the workers are locals as well.  The company owns over 150 acres of land on which they grow their cocoa. The small, solar powered factory is a short, one mile away from the farms. Both the farm and the factory are located within the Grenada rainforest which offers nutrient rich soil from which to grow the cocoa.


If the way they make their chocolate hasn’t sold you yet, then maybe the fact that this small, independent chocolate company received a Silver Award from the Academy of Chocolate because of the flavor and quality of their chocolate. I don’t know about you, but all of this talk about chocolate has left me with a bit of a craving… head over to and book your flight to Grenada so you can check out the factory (and the chocolate) for yourself. Oh. And, don’t forget to send me some! :)

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