Caribbean Bahamas Resorts Worth Visiting


Your trip to the Caribbean should be nothing short of amazing. That means amazing places to stay, which there is no shortage of here. To help you plan your trip, here are two of my favorite island resorts that lie in the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

Tiamo Resort

One of the amazing resort spots, located in South Andros Island, Tiamo Resort is a little slice of heaven. The charming and quaint resort has a lot to offer without having to share the experience with too many other guests.

Some of the amenities include:

  • With a total of ten villas and one luxury villa called The Birds Nest, you never have to worry about over population here.  Prepare to make reservations far in advance, though, with so few rooms it can take a bit of time to get on the guest list.
  • Free internet included
  • Excellent Restaurant located in the hotel.
  • Fitness facilities available so you can stay in shape for the beach!
  • Friendly staff who are multilingual to meet the needs of any visitor—How thoughtful it that?!
  • Laundry Service—Who wants to do laundry on vacation (this was a favorite feature of mine)
  • Pool, beach access and Marina for any type of water fun you desire.

Fernandez Bay Village

This hidden gem is located on Cat Island and is a small, family owned resort that will make you feel like a local. Fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and much more are on the on the list of activities you can participate in when you visit Fernandez Bay Village.

Some of their amenities include:

  • Sixteen beach cottages, complete with air conditioning that give a great tropical feel o your stay.
  • Friendly staff ready to serve you 24/7
  • Island tours and water sports available through the resort.
  • Complementary use of kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles to make for easy exploring around the island.
  • Pet friendly policy so you can bring your furry best friend with you.
  • Concierge services, as well as a bar/lounge area and tiki-bar

These are only a couple of the amazing destinations in the Caribbean. There are many more to be explored, and with the cheap flights to Caribbean you can easily find online, there’s no excuse not to come to the islands!

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