Best Dishes to Try In Trinidad and Tobago

When traveling, you expect much more from a menu of a foreign location than chicken patties or hamburgers. It is always exciting to try something new and taste different food items. When you go to Tobago you will be surprised by the variety of food on offer in the region. The cuisine is much more than a rich mixture of European, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and African influences. Your taste buds will surely do the tango after trying out some of the delicious dishes mentioned below.

1. Gyros

Gyros is a scrumptious spit roasted meat that is served in a wrap. The dish has become immensely popular in Trinidad and travelers who visit the region can’t get enough of this tasty dish. You can try lamb gyros and shrimp kebabs with salad and tasty garlicky potatoes for lunch to take a rest from doing sightseeing in Tobago.

2. Creole Lunch

If you would like to enjoy a tasty Creole lunch, you should consider taking a stop at Store Bay. This location is an ideal destination to try out traditional Creole meals. You will find callaloo, pelau, macaroni pie, stewed pigeon peas, cowheel soup, oxtail; stewed beef, pork, or chicken, and a great variety of starch crops like cassava and plantain while you are at the restaurant.

3. Curried Crab With Dumplings

This is the signature dish of the people of Tobago. When the Trinidad’s are in the mood for lunch, they will most probably ask about where they can go for a tasty crab ‘n’ dumplin’ meal and spend their afternoon devouring this tasty dish. If you are in the mood to try out something new and unique, you should consider tasting bake and buljol and bake and shark for breakfast and opt for the curried crab and dumplings meal for lunch at Store Bay beach!

When you are looking through different flights to Tobago and Trinidad, you should make a list of the different food items that you would like to try while there. There is so much to experience and so many food items to taste! You will definitely have a splendid time while you are in Tobago!

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