Become a Pirate for a day

Come to the Caribbean and become a Pirate for a day…or Nine

When planning your trip to the Caribbean this year, consider living the life of Jack Sparrow. If you are a fan of the movies and also a fan of amazing Caribbean vacations, you’ll love this.  Come check out the tours designed around the pirate theme and live a life of fantasy while you leave your real life behind.

The Pirate Lifestyle

The folks at Breakaway Adventures have set up a walking tour, lasting nine days, that will expose you to many of the same places that were in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Visit Patano River, and Shipwreck Cove and see where the action happened.

Visit Grand Bahama Island and Exuma in the Bahamas where you can see the places that “Dead Mans Chest”and “At Worlds End”were shot. While there, enjoy the experience of being a pirate for the day. I mean, Jack Sparrow really seemed to have a blast, so why not?

As a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, I absolutely loved this experience. Not to mention the beauty of the Caribbean Islands.

The Mystery of Tortuga

If you can make it to Samana, located in the Dominican Republic, you can actually visit the pirate hangout used in the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. Without the skulduggery and debauchery, you too can visit the pub where the band of misfits are found and become a part of the pirate magic.


Now, not all of these places are going to look just as they do in the movie, but what an amazing experience! With all the charm of the Caribbean atmosphere and the Pirate tours, I am certain you will have as much fun as I did. With this being said, hop on Google and look up some cheap flights to the Caribbean an get your pirate on!

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