An Art Exhibit beneath the Sea

While Grenada is known for its beauty, and for being a tropical Caribbean destination, very little is discussed about its culture of art. While there are local artists and exhibits on the mainland, one that particularly interests me is found on the ocean floor. Grenada is recommended as one of the best places to go diving and snorkeling. But I bet you would never have guessed that in addition to an array of wildlife you would be privy to underwater sculptures.

History of the Sculptures

The Molinere Bay is home to these unique sculptures crafted by Rene Froehlich, Troy Lewis, and Jason deCaires Taylor. The idea is that the sculptures, made primarily of concrete and rebar, are representative of life in Grenada. Another unique quality of these statues is that they are designed for the creatures of the ocean to build their life on. In other words, the statues help to create new reefs. The sculptures are reflective of different activities and scenes which depict life in Grenada as well as things that are important to the culture of Grenada (such as a sculpture of Jesus.)

Life among the Art

This is certainly a trip for the diver, artist, and adventurer in all of us. In addition to the beauty created by the art itself, be sure to check out the coral reef. Not only is the reef a wonder to behold, but the brilliant sea creatures that call it home are yet another reason to explore the reef. Both the coral and fish who live there are vibrant, colorful, and plentiful. There is no shortage of things to see below the water.

What to Know Before you Go
The trip is usually a few hours, so you want to make sure you don’t have anything planned back to back. Some travelers who have already enjoyed the trip, or gone with a tour group, recommend that you bring your own snorkeling gear (mask, breathing tube, fins, etc.) Some even say that the water gets a little choppy at times, so you may also want to have a life vest handy. If you would like to take pictures of the sculptures, you may want to invest in an underwater camera.


These sculptures are unique to Grenada and can only be found here. For this one of a kind experience, head over to and book your trip today. Stay tuned for more exciting information about things to see and do in Grenada.

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