3 Must-see Attractions in Trinidad and Tobago

As a nation that is made out of two islands of the coast of South America, Trinidad and Tobago offers a wide range of attractions for all kinds of visitors. Southern island, Trinidad, is known mostly for the capital, Port of Spain which offers a lively nightlife and great sightseeing opportunities for all who like architecture and culture, while Tobago is famous for its natural wonders and white sand beaches.

Here you may find top 3 destinations in Trinidad and Tobago that shouldn’t be missed.


1)      Port of Spain

Port of Spain is the capital of the country and a home for around 40 000 people, even though daily population rises to 250 000, once all the workers get into the city. It is an administrative and business center of the country, as well as a bank center of the Caribbean. This area has been populated for many years, but it got its current name in 16th century, when Spanish came to the island. Even though the city is small in population, it has a lot to offer in terms of historical sightseeing, especially in the old part known as „Town“, where Woodford Square is the center of the city due to the fact that City Hall and other important government buildings are placed here.

The city itself is proud of its many year-around celebrations and carnivals which are beyond many’s expectations for such a small island and St. James, a part of the city, offers a great variety of nightclubs, sports bars and fine restaurants that will suite tastes of nearly every visitor.


2)      Little Tobago Island

Named after the main island next to it, Little Tobago is placed about 3 km away from the coast of Tobago and is known as „Bird of Paradise Island“ because it is the most important bird sanctuary in the country and in the Caribbean. This place used to be a cotton plantation until the 18th century, when sugar industry took over and the place was abandoned. In 1909, it got purchased by Sir William and populated by Birds of Paradise from New Guinea because they were almost extinct in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, in 1963 these birds got extinct due to a hurricane, but today you can still visit this place and admire around 50 different species of birds that call this island home.


3)      Maracas Bay, Trinidad

The most famous and probably the most beautiful beach in the country is located about 40-minute drive from the capital. This deep bay is a perfect paradise scenery for your vacation and tall palm trees and golden sand will only add to the complete experience of an ideal trip to the beach. Once you get to the beach, make sure you’ll try Trinidadian native dish in one of a dozen Bake and Shark huts. This dish is made out of deep-fried shark stuffed in a “Bake“, a bread made of kneaded flour. What is interesting is that Bake is also a slang word for a person whose actions made him look silly in front of others.


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